British Solo Ice Dance Championships 2014/15

Junior Ladies Solo Dance


1Sasha FEARQUE100.9111
2Emily Rose BROWNSHE95.1832
3Jodie RUSSELLSLO92.2623
4Orla PEPPETTAXP85.6954
5Natalia PALLU-NEVESSTR78.3548
6Juliana DROZDOXF77.6265
7Kershia BROUGHTONNOT75.6076
8Elizabeth KEYSHE70.46137
9Sofia TYMCHYSHYNBBN68.57109
10Lauren BELLNOT66.56811
11Lynda LOGIEABE64.661110
12Ellen Charlotte CRAGGSBBN58.88914
13Jasmine ROBINSONBBN58.691213
14Nia COURTCAR56.161412

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