Blackpool Ice Skating Festival 2018

John McCarrick Show Team Trophy


1Pauls Pandas BPL40.611
2Wonder Ice Skaters BPL38.612
3Davids Chitty Skaters BPL37.913
4Be Our Guest LAM37.714
5Pauls Chicks BPL32.715
6Tale As Old As Time WAT32.406
7Sk8Tastics 1 ABE30.317
8Doyouthinkhesarus DEE29.128
9Circus Time LAM28.919
10The Greatest Showman BPL27.9110
11Charlottes Putting Onthe Ritz BPL26.7211
12 The Greatest Show Team WID25.1012
13Flintshire Fizz DEE25.0113
14Blackburn Black Ice BBN24.8014
15The Frosty Fancies LAM23.4015
16Forever Friends SHE22.9116
17Magnumalorious Elvies MAG22.9017
18Charlottes Cinderella 'Strong' BPL22.2318
19Widnes Bedrock WID21.2119
20Uttoxeter Blades UTT20.9120
21Sisc Stardust SHE20.5221
22Sk8Tastics 2 ABE19.4322
23Sisc Luna SHE17.6023
24Sisc Eclipse SHE17.3024
25Novus SHE15.7025
WDEK Allstars EK  

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